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Element book


Content Model



NameTypeDefault Value
style CDATA None
class CDATA None
xml:lang NMTOKEN "en"
id ID None


This element embraces all other elements of a book. (Like the <html> tag does in HTML.)

If a class attribute is given, and its contents ends with `.sty', the whole thing is interpreted as a LaTeX style file that's included instead of tbook-pl.sty. However, an explicit style file as an XSLT parameter sty-file still has higher precedence. Same with <article>.


backmatter, frontmatter, mainmatter


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//Torsten Bronger//DTD tbook 1.3//EN" 
<book xml:lang="en-GB">
    <title>A little book</title>
    <author>Torsten Bronger</author>

      <heading>First Chapter</heading>

      <p>Small is beautiful.</p>

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