tbtohtml -- tbook XML to HTML conversion


tbtohtml [-t] {filename} [parameter = value...]


tbtohtml takes an XML file that must have been created according to the tbook DTD and converts it to an HTML file. This HTML file is actually XHTML 1.1, and except for some attributes the strict DTD.


do not create XHTML, but HTML 4 files. This implies some simplifications in the CSS layout, a different file extension (.html), and other minor adjustments. Please make sure that in this case, you also call tbtolatex with the option -t.


name of the XML file to be processed. It must be given without its `.xml' extension.


name of an XSLT parameter that is passed to the XSLT processor, see below.


new value you want to assign to the XSLT parameter, see below. It mustn't be an empty string.

The output file has the same name as filename but the extension `.xhtml'. By default, all formulae are converted to MathML inserts within the HTML file.

Note that tbtohtml may depend on the output of other programs, namely the 'make??' files that are created in the current directory by tbtolatex and tbtohtml. They are responsible for graphics, bibliography, etc.

XSLT Parameters

Only the more important ones are listed. For a complete list, see tbookman.pdf

adr-filename (default: 'adrbook.xml')

filename of the address book file

assume-os (default: 'linux')

assumed operating system. Possible values are linux, unix, windows and os2.

create-image-comments (default: current value of anti-aliasing)

if 'true', in all HTML images copyright notices are inserted. In PNGs even image description data. Needs active smoothing, because the p?m* tools are used.

css-file (default: '')

filename of a CSS file (XML format)

css-mode (default: 'careful')

If 'standard', non-simplified CSS are created. On the other hand, 'very-careful' makes very much simplified CSS for ancient browsers like Netscape4.

desperate-measures (default: false)

if true, ``desperate measures'' are applied, see tbookdtd.dtx.

equation-resolution (default: value of html-resolution)

Dpi resolution of the bitmap equations.

html-equations (default: 'mathml')

With 'bitmaps' all formulae become bitmaps for HTML.

html-extension (default: '.xhtml')

Assumed file extension for the HTML file.

html-resolution (default: 100)

dpi resolution for HTML graphics. You can also use it for global HTML image scaling.

include-image-dimensions (default: current value of anti-aliasing)

'true' or 'false'. With 'true', all dimensions of included graphics are written into the HTML output for faster display. Only with active smoothing.

include-originals (default: 'true')

If 'true', you can click on bitmaps in HTML and get a view of the original JPEG.

maximal-alt-length (default: 50)

maximal number of characters in the alt attribute popup rectangle in HTML, if you are over the image with the mouse.

shift-equations (default: 'true')

Should bitmap equations have a corrected baseline? ('false' necessary for Netscape 4.77).

split-level (default: 'none')

If 'chapter', the HTML file is divided into file chunks for every chapter.

See Also

tbtolatex(1), tbtodocbk(1), tbprepare(1), tbook(7), tbook homepage.


Written by Torsten Bronger

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs on tbook's homepage at Sourceforge: http://tbookdtd.sourceforge.net


Copyright 2002 Torsten Bronger

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.