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5.2.2 Equation numbers

A tricky point is equation labelling and numbering. tbook supports three ways of giving an equation a label:

  1. A <math> element has an id attribute. For example:
              <math id="Einstein">

    or simply

              <dm id="Einstein">E=mc^2</dm>

    You can refer to it with

              <p>The <ref refid="Einstein">equation</ref> is the famous energy
  2. An <mtd> element with an id within an equation array:
                <mtable groupalign="right center left">
                    <mtd id="equation1"> <m> 1+1 #=# 2 </m> </mtd>
                    <mtd> <m> 4 #=# 2 &CenterDot; 2 </m> </mtd>

    which you can refer to by saying

              <p>If you want to see a pretty useless equation have a look at
                <ref refid="equation1">equation</ref>.</p>

  3. An <mlabeledtr> element with an id within an equation array, and the contents of the first <mtd> element of such an <mlabeledtr> row. This version is pretty obscure, and you cannot refer to it with <ref> but only with <mathref>.

I would recommend you to use only 1. and 2.