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2.1 LaTeX packages needed by tbook

tbook needs many LaTeX packages. Those that are part of the LaTeX core (babel, fontenc, array, etc) are nothing to worry about, every non-ancient LaTeX has them. The other packages are: booktabs, caption2, fancyhdr, geometry, helvet, hypcap, pdfcolmk, hyperref, marvosym, mathptmx, minitoc, natbib, nicefrac, pifont, psfrag, ragged2e, relsize, sectsty, soul, url, wasysym. That's certainly a big part of the crème de la crème of LaTeX packages. Be aware that helvet, mathptmx, and hyperref must be as new as possible. If your versions are too old, LaTeX will gently complain.

Every modern LaTeX distribution contains most of them, maybe all; if your LaTeX distribution let you choose between different options, you should prefer a `complete' or `full' installation, else LaTeX itself will complain and tell you which package you have to install. You will find it on every CTAN server, e.g.

Your Babel system must know the human languages you want to use. Shouldn't be very surprising, and normally is no problem.

If you have any trouble, contact the current maintainer of tbook (the author of this document).