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3.4 Your original graphics files

Next to your tbook XML document, this directory must contain all graphics that you want to include. tbook knows four image types:

must be a JPEG, its embedded resolution information is used to determine its real dimensions.
must be an EPS, its bounding box determines its real dimensions (of course).

is a JPEG, with an EPS on top of it. The EPS may contain labels etc. Real dimensions as with bitmap/vector. Attention: You must assure that both components have the same size. The EPS has the same name as the JPEG, but an l appended (“labels”).

is a LaTeX fragment (e.g. LaTeX picture output by Gnuplot) with the file extension .pic.

Please note that tbook may get confused if the same graphics is available in different formats in your texmf searchpath. For example, if you include a JPEG that is also available as a PNG in another directory (but where TeX looks for files), then pdfLaTeX will include that PNG which is surely not what you want.