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10.1.3 Internet Explorer and MathPlayer

  1. Support for CSS in Explorer is full of nasty bugs. In particular, it may be that you see a horizontal scrollbar because the viewframe is wider than the screen although this shouldn't be necessary. The text justification may be broken. The document title may use a too large font.
  2. Some Unicode characters are not displayed. Explorer's Unicode support is worse than that of other modern browsers.
  3. Practically no XML support. Although Microsoft has co-produced the XML specification, their browser is not able to show such files. Therefore all XHTML files must be served as ordinary HTML files. See Hickson's trick, for how you can achieve this.
  4. Some equations vanish. If a symbol is used that can't be found in the fonts installed on the system, MathPlayer doesn't print the whole formula at all. I found this bug e.g. with “\hbar” and the vector arrow. However it seems to depend on the individual system.

Please also consult the list of known Explorer issues and the list of known MathPlayer issues at Design Science (the creators of the MathML plug-in for Internet Explorer).