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2.3.3 Installation process from sources in detail

In the following I describe what happens exactly when running make install (unless, of course, you've changed some paths, which you probably will have to). You may read this only if you are really keen to know it.

  1. Unpacks all files contained in the DTX files via docstrip.
  2. Creates the BibTeX style files using the custom-bib package1 and copies them to /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/bibtex/bst/tbook.
  3. Builds the binaries tbrplent, tbcrent, tb2xindy and bibfix from the sources.
  4. Copies these files into /usr/local/bin.
  5. Copies the four shell scripts tbtolatex, tbtohtml, tbtodocbk, and tbprepare into /usr/local/bin, too.
  6. Creates the directories /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/tex/latex/tbook and /usr/local/lib/tbook.
  7. Copies the LaTeX input files t1pcrv.fd, tbook.sty and tbook-pl.sty into .../texmf/tex/latex/tbook.
  8. Copies the tbook XML files tbook.dtd, tblatex.xsl, tbhtml.xsl, tbdocbk.xsl, tbtoltx.xsl, tbtohtml.xsl, tbtohtml4.xsl, tbtodb.xsl, tbcommon.xsl, hmml2dst.dtd, tbents.txt and tbtmplte.xml to /usr/local/lib/tbook.
  9. Copies the xindy style files tblatex.xdy, tbhtml.xdy and tbook.xdy to /usr/local/lib/xindy/modules/misc.
  10. Copies the manpages to /usr/local/share/man/.
  11. Copies the Info file to /usr/local/share/info/.
  12. Copies the DTD in browsable HTML format to /usr/local/share/doc/tbook.


[1] If you don't have custom-bib, use the prepared bst files in the bst/ directory.