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2.4 Windows installation with the installer

There are also two methods to install tbook on the Windows operating system. The first one that should be prefered is to use the NSIS based installer/uninstaller program. Basically it's just an .EXE file called tbook-1.5.2.exe that you have to start. But before you do that, please install:

  1. TeX. Get the latest MikTeX distribution or the TeXLive CD. The installation shouldn't be too hard, but be careful that no package is missing (see Needed LaTeX packages).

  2. Ghostscript. Get AFPL Ghostcript and install also GSView, although only Ghostscript is needed by tbook.

The tbook installer will also install Saxon 6.5.2 and xindy 2.0 for you.

This way has another advantage: A program called uninst.exe will uninstall tbook, delete the entries in autoexec.bat and in the registry. To uninstall tbook, you may also use the standard way via system control=>software.