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4.1 XSLT parameters

tbtolatex, tbtohtml and tbtodocbk can pass parameters to the XSLT processor Saxon in the form <parametername>=<value>, so e.g.

tbtolatex test param1=value1 param2=value2 ...

For a list of the available parameters, have a look at tables XSLT parameters and Further XSLT parameters.

For Windows, you have to enclose every parameter pair with "...":

tbtolatex test "param1=value1" "param2=value2" ...

If you use XSLT parameters, make sure that all transformation scripts get the same set of parameters and values.

For your convenience, you may change these transformation scripts on your local system, but only in order to change the default values of the XSLT parameters. So you can adjust it to your personal taste without being forced to type it every single time. But never distribute such modified files under the original name!

First, the more important XSLT parameters:

(Default: adrbook.xml.) Filename of the address book file.

(Default: true.) Default is false for OS/2. With true, graphics for HTML output are smoothed. Needs the p?m* programs for the PNM image format.

(Default: linux.) Assumed operating system. Possible values are linux, osx, windows, and os2.1

(Default: biblio.xml.) Filename of the BibTeXML file.

(Default: current value of anti-aliasing.) If true, in all HTML images copyright notices are inserted. In PNGs even image description data. Needs active smoothing, because the p?m* tools are used.

(Default: .) Filename of a CSS file (XML format).

(Default: false.) If true, “desperate measures” are applied, see tbookdtd.dtx.

(Default: 10pt.) Global font size. 10pt, 11pt or 12pt.

(Default: mathml.) With bitmaps all formulae become bitmaps for HTML.

(Default: 100.) Dpi resolution for HTML graphics. You can also use it for global HTML image scaling.

(Default: current value of anti-aliasing.) true or false. With true, all dimensions of included graphics are written into the HTML output for faster display. Only with active smoothing.

(Default: 75.) JPEG quality of the HTML output in the usual JPEG unit between 0 and 100.

(Default: 50.) Maximal number of characters in the alt attribute pop-up rectangle in HTML, if you are over the image with the mouse.

(Default: true.) true makes the equation bitmaps generating process much faster.2

(Default: article: 2; book: 3.) Deepest section level with numbering. -1: part, 0: chapter, 1: section, 2: subsection, etc.

(Default: none.) If chapter, the HTML file is divided into file chunks for every chapter.

(Default: tbook-pl.) Filename of a LaTeX sty file, (none) for don't use any.

(Default: value of secnumdepth.) Deepest section level that gets into the table of contents. -2 switches the TOC off.

(Default: false.) Should all white in PNGs become transparent? (Also applies to equation bitmaps.)

(Default: false.) If true, the document is set with two columns.


[1] Only linux and windows are tested, so the rest will surely fail. ;-) Well, it affects the look of the shell scripts being generated.

[2] Needs `preview' package ( and more disk space.