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Element letter


Content Model



NameTypeDefault Value
formal Enumeration:
style CDATA None
class CDATA None
xml:lang NMTOKEN "en"
id ID None
from CDATA Required


Embraces all elements of a letter.

from can be e.g. "Torsten Bronger". It should be your personal id and should be globally unique, as far as one can guarantee that. Because this attribute is used by the stylesheets to ensure that they are responsible for you (correct letter head etc). (In a letter system that is better configurable than the current, this attribute is used to read in the correct parameters such as the letter head.) Moreover the owner attribute in the address book must match it.

If you don't set formal explicitly, the default is taken from the address book entry (even if you gave an explicit "to"-address and so overruled the address book entry). If even that fails, "false" (private letter) is assumed.


ch, city, closing, date, description, dm, enumerate, itemize, latex, math, multipar, opening, p, quote, subject, tabular, to, verbatim, verse


<letter from="Torsten Bronger &lt;torsten.bronger@gmx.de&gt;">
  <date>2. September 2002</date>
  <to nickname="Jupp"/>

  <opening>Hi Jupp,</opening>
  <closing>Till then,</closing>  

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