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Element latex


Content Model



NameTypeDefault Value
code CDATA Required
desperate Enumeration:

Parameter Entities

The following parameter entities contain latex: blockinline, indexinline, inline, sectbegin


This is some sort of \special command: It inserts code if we're producing LaTeX output, and interprets the element's contents else. It's totally ignored if desperate is "true".

The idea behind desperate is that the trafo tbook → LaTeX can be forced to interpret even <latex>es with deperate="true", like here:

<latex code="\newpage" desperate="true"/>

This is usually done in the last phase of production, maybe for having better page breaks. Another example is the “LaTeX” logo which can be achieved by

<!ENTITY LaTeX "<latex code='\LaTeX{}'>LaTeX</latex>">

in the XML preamble and using it with “&LaTeX;”. On the other hand, this is a standard tbook entity anyway.

The contents of this element is tbook code, no HTML code!


aphorism, article, caption, cell, chapter, cite, closing, em, footnote, heading, idx, index, item, ix, ix2, legalnotice, letter, mathref, multipar, opening, p, pageref, paragraph, proof, psfrag, quote, ref, references, section, subject, subparagraph, subsection, subsubsection, subtitle, term, theorem, title, to, verse, visual, vref, wrap

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