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Element math


Content Model




Parameter Entities

The following parameter entities contain math: blockinline, indexinline, inline, sectbegin


Well, of course <math> is not empty. However, this element is actually not part of the tbook DTD, but part the root element for the MathML 2.0 DTD. Information about it you can find at W3C.

Please note that there is an alternative for this rather complicated MathML, which is tbook's simple formula syntax.


aphorism, article, caption, cell, chapter, cite, closing, em, footnote, heading, idx, index, item, ix, ix2, legalnotice, letter, mathref, multipar, opening, p, pageref, paragraph, proof, psfrag, quote, ref, references, section, subject, subparagraph, subsection, subsubsection, subtitle, term, theorem, title, to, verse, visual, vref, wrap

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