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2.3.1 Prerequisites

The following programs must be installed in order to run tbook:

Much of this may be already installed with your system.

For the Saxon you have to provide a shell script named saxon that calls it. It may look like this:

     export CLASSPATH
     java -ms15000000 com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9

However, newer versions of Saxon (newer than 6.5.2) may need another class name. See the Saxon homepage at “installation”–“changes” for further details.

In order to install tbook with some convenience, you also need CWEB7, sed, patch and Flex8. However, the Linux/Intel binaries are included in the distribution, as well as all BibTeX-Styles, if you have trouble to build them.


[1] all of them at

[2] ; don't use GNU Ghostscript

[3] all three at

[4], or as an RPM from tbook's project page at

[5] On CTAN at nonfree/support/jpeg2ps/

[6], or as an RPM from tbook's project page at


[8] sed, patch and Flex are part of the GNU project at