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Element ix


Mixed Content Model



NameTypeDefault Value
kind Enumeration:
xml:lang NMTOKEN None
sortkey CDATA None

Parameter Entities

The following parameter entities contain ix: index, inline


One index entry. There mustn't be more than one <ix2> element within <ix>, and that must come last.

You don't have to watch out for special characters. Everything is escaped if necessary. Most latin letters with diacritic symbols are sorted properly.

The optional <ix2> contains the sub-entry, i.e. the second level. To sum it up, the old MakeIndex commad


looks in tbook like this:

<ix kind="emph">Sänger<ix2 sortkey="Twopac">2 Pac</ix2></ix>

(Sänger=singer in German.)


aphorism, caption, cell, cite, closing, em, footnote, heading, indexsee, item, legalnotice, mathref, multipar, opening, p, pageref, proof, psfrag, quote, ref, subject, subtitle, term, theorem, title, to, verbatim, verse, visual, vref, wrap


ch, em, graphics, hspace, ix2, latex, m, math, relax, unit, url, verb, visual, wrap

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