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Element mathref


Mixed Content Model



NameTypeDefault Value
refid CDATA Required

Parameter Entities

The following parameter entities contain mathref: inline, xref


See <ref>, but <mathref> only works for equations that have been labeled using the first column of an <mlabeledtr>. Actually such an equation should also have a real id, so you don't need <mathref>. It's just to make MathML support a little bit more complete.

(I needed an extra element for this kind of reference because I really wanted to be able to point to such equations, but for validation issues refid can't be of type ID, but must be CDATA.)


aphorism, caption, cell, cite, closing, em, footnote, heading, item, legalnotice, mathref, multipar, opening, p, pageref, proof, psfrag, quote, ref, subject, subtitle, term, theorem, title, to, verse, visual, vref, wrap


ch, cite, em, footnote, graphics, hspace, idx, indexsee, ix, latex, m, math, mathref, pageref, ref, relax, unit, url, verb, visual, vref, wrap

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