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Element cite


Mixed Content Model



NameTypeDefault Value
kind Enumeration:
refid NMTOKENS Required

Parameter Entities

The following parameter entities contain cite: inline, xref


Inserts a citation reference to refid (which can also be a space separated list of more than one citation). The attribute kind determines the kind of insertion. kind="text" would mean

Einstein et. al. (1921)

whereas "paren" makes

(Einstein et. al. 1921)

"imparen" (“implicit parentheses”) produces

Einstein et. al. 1921

You know this probably from the natbib package, that's behind all this. Important: So that this also works in HTML, the key entries of the BibTeX file must look like "text".

"nocite" includes nothing in the text, just in the references list at the end. By the way,

<cite refid="-" kind="nocite"/>

works like \nocite{*} LaTeX. (You can't use `*' because refid is of type NMTOKENS, and such attributes mustn't contain `*'.)

The contents of the <cite> element becomes the optional parameter of LaTeX's \cite command. Thus

<cite refid="Einstein1921"><em>first</em> chapter</cite>

yields: “Einstein et. al. (1921, \emph{first} chapter)”.

The default value for kind is "text" except where the <cite> is directly surrounded by parentheses in the document. Then it's "imparen".


aphorism, caption, cell, cite, closing, em, footnote, heading, item, legalnotice, mathref, multipar, opening, p, pageref, proof, psfrag, quote, ref, subject, subtitle, term, theorem, title, to, verse, visual, vref, wrap


ch, cite, em, footnote, graphics, hspace, idx, indexsee, ix, latex, m, math, mathref, pageref, ref, relax, unit, url, verb, visual, vref, wrap

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